MACS – Media for Community Empowerment.

The organisation focuses on facilitating, creating, promoting, inspiring and empowering the community through media especially community radios that help citizens to identify societal challenges and amplify their voices by broadcasting their views, enabling to hold their government accountable and transform their livelihood.

MACS is an organization that promote equal voice for all Tanzanians by inspiring and empowering the local community for sustainable development.

Our Mission!

To enhance and promote community empowerment by addressing challenges in the communities through media inspirations and inclusive community engagement enabling to transform their livelihood.

SAUTI YANGU (MY VOICE) is the radio program established by MACS. The program is using local media to engage citizens, amplify their voices and hold their governments accountable for solving water crisis.

This program explore local water issues facing Tanzania’s rural citizens as well as various sources of water that are available in the communities in Tanzania’s rural areas and create community inclusion programs that establish positive attitude towards water management and water sources conservation as the role of citizens in the community.

Sauti Yangu is the unique way to reach community because the program will go direct to rural areas where citizens fetch whether in wells, ponds, swamps, rivers and springs, talk to them in order to get to know the reality of their lives.

An Equal voice to all Tanzanians

Our approach is using community radios in Tanzania because it is the major means of communication in grass roots.