MACS)- Media for Community Empowerment is a Tanzanian Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) which was founded in 2018 and became legally registered in 2019 with the Reg. No. 00NGO/R/0044 under the NGOs Act No. 24 of 2002, section 11 (1) and 17 (2) Tanzania Laws. The Organisation is based in Tanga urban district in Tanga region.

The organisation focuses on facilitating, creating, promoting, inspiring and empowering the community through media especially community radios that help citizens to identify societal challenges and amplify their voices by broadcasting their views, enabling to hold their government accountable and transform their livelihood.

MACS is also a member of End Water Poverty, an international organization based in UK that links up governments, donors, civil society, and multilateral organizations to take actions to tackle the sanitation and water crisis.

MACS is working close to community by amplifying their voices on different challenges such as Water Crisis, Unemployment issue, Health and Education. The organization also amplify community voices against harmful traditional practices such as teen pregnancies, early marriages, Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG), Violence against Children (VAC), Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), and Gender Based Violence (GBV).

MACS enhances community empowerment through skills development, entrepreneurship trainings, investigative journalism and training as well as reflective and facilitative journalism training.

MACS believes in a reflective approach for media organizational development and community transformational change.