MACS enhances community empowerment through skills development, entrepreneurship trainings, investigative journalism training as well as reflective and facilitative journalism training. We have created a learning action called- Reflective Journalism Training (RJT) for young journalists in Tanzania through our organization.

The training supports journalists to see themselves as part of challenges and development in the community and equips them with skills for producing interactive content that enable people to express their needs effectively. We believe that reflective approach is good for media to develop as a transformative instrument for community development.

While working with organization based in Pangani district two of our members managed to train 41 youths from the grass-root since 2013, where most of them pursued advanced journalism courses with financial support from their parents.

In 2019 one among our students Mwanaidi Jumanne who acquired this Reflective Journalism Training won Excellence Journalism Award in Tanzania and two other students scooped 1st and 2nd runner up positions. Mwanaidi was among 80 nominated journalists in 644 journalists who participated from Tanzania.
Reflective Journalism Training is a unique training that create awareness and enable journalist to become a conscious agent for community development and transformational change.

The training is designed to address writing skills, emotional intelligence, raising self-awareness and posture as a facilitation tool, listening discipline, and strategic questioning.

Trainers organize fun and exciting tools to achieve the training targets. The training will use a wide-range of exercise, including turning-points, metaphors, picture building, team building, walking exercises, role-play, stories, and creative conversation.

The facilitators of the training are certified Facilitators of Organizational Learning and Development (FOLD) conducted by EASUN (

The facilitators are also practitioners of media for development with hands-on experience in community media, digital and new media platforms as well as conventional radio and broadcast media. The facilitators have extensive experience in community theatre, film for development, and graphic comic books.

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