By: Mohammed Hammie Rajab

The government of Tanzania has initiated a major water project at Mkundi ward in Morogoro after Media for Community Empowerment journalists aired villagers’ concerns six months ago.

While speaking with this organization, the chairperson of Lukobe village Mr. Eliamin Halfani Kimaro said he is really grateful to the government, because the project is now going to save them. People have been suffering for a long time, but we thank the government for being so responsive.

On September 09, and September 16 2019, MACS- Media for Community Empowerment aired two radio programs at Planet Fm Radio in the Tanzania’s Morogoro Region, after interviewed the citizens in that area about water crisis.

The interview with Chairperson of the village.

The Chairperson: Of course right now I feel very happy, not only with myself but also all the citizens of Lukobe Ward- but especially in my village where I lead as a chairman.

In fact we have been suffering from water crisis for a long time. For instance in my area of Kambi Tano, we didn’t even have water pipes – we never saw even those pipes.

So when we see a project like this, we are very thankful that we know full well the water challenge is going to an end.

And of course this tank is huge, two million liters is plenty, so we’re sure to get clean and safe water, and that’s why I come here a lot because we get comfort, and also I send information to my citizens about this water project, and the challenge ends.

It is still a short period of time and we will be patient as the project continues to be built, but the implementation is huge and every time I come the changes are huge, not long after it will end and end our water crisis.

Mohammed Hammie: What do you tell the government, perhaps by thanking them for bringing this major water project that becomes a savior for access to clean, safe and satisfying water?

The chairperson: We are really grateful to the government, I remember a journalist came about six months ago and interviewed me about the water challenge, during that time the water was very stressful.

We used to get insufficient water from Kambi Tano and Mguru wa Ndege, people were waiting for the water until five o’clock at night, buying five hundred shillings for a one bucket and you are still waiting until late at night.

And I told the reporter that this is a huge challenge, and now I’m very grateful maybe the government has heard us. Because coming to build us this water tank is so huge, so we believe that the water challenge is ending. All we have to do is wait, wait for the construction to finish.

The project has cost the Tanzanian government T-sh 620 million, started in January 2020 and will be done in June 2020, expected to benefit 45,000 households.

Other villages that will benefit from the project are Mkundi, Mguru wa ndege, Lukobe, Makunganya and Kihonda Kaskazini.

We believe that Sauti Yangu’s unique approach has the power to amplify the voices of rural citizens and hold the government accountable for solving the water crisis.

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